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Tangerines: A Foreign Film presented by Artworks

Date: December 8, 2018 Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Description It's the early 1990s. Estonian settlements have existed in the Caucasus for over one hundred years. Most Estonians returned to their homeland upon the outbreak of war in the region between the Georgian government and the Russian backed Abkhaz separatists, leaving those Estonian settlements virtually empty. One of the few Estonians that has stayed is elderly Ivo, whose reason for doing so is known only to his closest confidantes. He is building crates for his Estonian neighbor Margus' last crop of tangerines, before Margus himself will join his family already back in Estonia. Although he admits the money will be good, Margus stayed this one last growing season if only not wanting the fruit to go to waste. He has made arrangements with the local Abkhaz military to assist in harvesting the fruit on a specific date. One day outside Margus' property, opposing forces, three on the Georgian side and two on the Abkhaz side, have a skirmish. Three die in the battle, with the remaining two being seriously wounded, they being Nika, a Georgian soldier, and Ahmed, a Chechen mercenary fighting for the Abkhazs. With the assistance of Margus and the local physician, his friend Juhan, Ivo decides to take in the two still alive and nurse them back to health. When the two regain consciousness, he is clear to them that their war will not be tolerated in his home, the two agreeing to the condition that they will not attempt to kill the other while they are in the house. Ivo will not only have to watch out for the two to keep to their word - although he knows he cannot do anything once they have recuperated and are back to their regular lives - but also hide any evidence of a Georgian soldier and a Chechen mercenary in his home, or of the dead soldiers having been in the area, the bodies which he and Margus buried, and their military vehicle hidden in a ravine. Discovery by either side of what has happened or of the two soldiers in his home could jeopardize all their lives. What eventually happens in their collective lives is in part the result of Ivo's sensibilities regarding his reason for not returning to Estonia.
1 hr. 27 Min. – Not rated

Event Location Big Rapids Community Library
426 S. Michigan Ave
Big Rapids, MI 49307
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